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Double First Time Party
Budapest. Center.
This girl had everything I liked best of all. Her ass begged for a spanking, her lips demanded my cock, her tits needed my fingers. The money in my pocket hinted to us that everything would happen without a hitch. And even her partner didn't mind making money. All I had to do was pretend to be a man-lover...
A blessing in disguise
Czech Krumlov
Do you think fucking other man's girls is all about fun? What if I told you it's life-threatening? For example, today I was hit by a huge car with a powerful engine. A wedding limo. I could have gone to the hospital, but instead, at great risk to my life, I was preparing an adorable bride for her wedding night and showing a master class to her husband-to-be. What's more, he was opposed to it, he wanted to call 911. But then the wedding wouldn't have happened, and he wouldn't have had the valuable experience. Once again, my cock had to save the situation. In short, I fucked against a better judgment. And you say it's all about fun!
I’ll buy your TV, your fridge and your wife!
Prague, Center
I stumbled upon an ad with a few home appliances on sale. The price was so good that I couldn’t miss it, so I gave that person a call and agreed to pick up the stuff. When I came to the address and rang, a very sexy young lady opened the door. She was dressed in a slim-fit dress that allowed me to spot her tight ass and hips. I was going crazy about her body and realized that I was about to get something extra besides a good deal on some home appliances. She and her husband were having some financial difficulties, therefore, they were selling their stuff in order to catch up with the rent. So, I decided to help them with some cash and fuck that sweet pussy. Working up all the courage I had, I told the guy: - I’m ready to buy everything you have on one condition… I want to fuck your wife! He got furious and wanted to attack me, but his wife stopped him. I took the money out of my pocket and gave it to him. He realized that he had no other choice. The sex was amazing! It looked like she didn’t have a good fuck for quite a while, so she was all crazy and naughty like a wild cat! Her husband’s self-esteem was below zero as he was watching us fucking, trying to control his fury!
All Customer's Whims for Guy She Loves
Prague, Center.
You know why people invented speech? So the fucking pizza delivery guys can understand exactly what they're supposed to bring me from the first word! Fucking amateurs! I hate it when you order, wait almost an hour, and then get the wrong thing! Fucking bastards! Why work if you can't do your job? You think I was happy when I got this chick as a bonus? Her juicy pussy wasn't bad, but damn it, that's not what I ordered! I hope they learned their lesson.
The right of the wedding night was mine
Malostranske Namesti , Prague
I was wandering around Prague, when I suddenly noticed a happy couple of newlyweds, posing for their wedding album. I began to watch them and imbued with their happiness so much that I did not notice strong arousal that swept over me. We talked a bit, and I offered the husband to buy his wedding night and fuck his wife. Despite his reluctance, the money ruled in my favor, so a bit later his wife was giving me a BJ right in her white wedding dress, while he watched it. They will never forget such a wedding.
In the Hands of La Pianiste Cock Seems Bigger
Troja Prague
Mommy at her best and her smaller counterpart! What better way to spend some leisure time in my style, with my sperm squirting and loud moans? So what if one of them refused to have sex with me! I could hear her jilling off there, outside the door, unable to come into my room. Anyway, it was great... until it turned out that my behavior was far from what they describe in dirty ladies' novels. Do I regret what happened in the end? Not at all. I did everything that was asked of me. And not meeting other people's expectations is really not my fucking problem.
Just Fix It While I'm Fucking Your Girlfriend!
Budapest. Center.
The first rule of our Hunter's Club is that if you see an opportunity to get another pussy in your collection, take it. These two appeared before me like a fleeting vision, like a genius of pure beauty, one half of whom could be humiliated and the other half of whom could be fucked. Our acquaintance began with an unfortunate mistake. I rashly assumed they were tourists. However, the guy didn't speak English, and the mishap instantly turned into a happy accident.
Virgin Preferred Anal and Car
Zizkov. Prague.
I have to admit, I don't like virgins. They are always scared, they don't know what to do, they have to be taught everything all the time. It takes a special kind of mindset to enjoy an unbroken hymen. Not mine. But I'm glad there are unexpectedly pleasant exceptions to every endeavor. Another girl in my collection turned out to be a virgin, but that didn't stop her from honestly working off my gift. Her secret was that instead of a pussy she professionally used her butthole...
Hunter's Day Off
Berlin, Center.
There comes a time in every stud's life when you just want to be a couch potato, eat chips, watch stupid shows on TV and do nothing. At such times in my life, I rent a hotel room, hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and indulge in laziness. It's the best way for me to regain my energy. But this time, it was a mess. Instead of resting, I had to go back to my old ways. I had to take out my hard cock and spin another pussy on it like a spit. I'll admit I was won over by her latin hair. After all, who am I to argue with fate!
Road Trip Adventure of Loser
Ruzyne. Prague.
These two tourists traveled nearly 6,000 miles, swam across a raging ocean, and crossed seven countries to lose everything and find themselves. How did they do it? Simple. Instead of tourist attractions, they met me. And as you know, I'm always willing to help. But not in the same way that, say, those who give alms. I'm the kind of guy who rips off a Band-Aid with a swipe. I'm the kind of person who gives the rod, not the fish. Anyway, I've turned their entire mindset upside down, and now they're happier than ever. Especially that hot girl with the tight pussy...
A good thief is the one that gets fucked
Prague, Center
I was coming home after a long day at work. Everything I could think of was chilling on my sofa and drinking some cold beer. I was already opening my front door when suddenly, I saw something moving. I quickly turned the lights on and saw two persons wearing black masks and looking through my stuff. - Freeze or I will fucking get shoot you! – I screamed and somehow it worked. They noticed me and lifted their hands in the air. I came closer and took off their masks while also getting ready to call the cops. But I was really surprised to find out that underneath the mask was a hot and sexy babe. She was scared and look at me with her big beautiful eyes. So, I came up with something else. - Look, you’ve got two options here. Either we do it nicely, I’ll give you some money and fuck your friend or I’m calling the cops. Which one are you going to choose?
Mountain Goes to the Man to Fuck
Terezvaros, Budapest.
Damn, the world has definitely gone crazy! In the old days, I used to have to go around town for a week to add to my pussy collection. Today, the pussies are coming to visit me! You won't believe what just happened! I was about to watch TV and eat a sandwich when my humble abode was visited by two "plumbing inspectors"! Oh yes, I cleaned those pipes properly! I drove my plunger into her drain! I made that fellow squeak like a wet sponge! For remember, if you want to fuck with me, I'll fuck you!