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Be a good dog while I fuck your wife!
Mirotice, Czech Republic
There are just too many hot women out there! I want to fuck someone ASAP!” – those were the thoughts coursing through my head as I was sitting in a park. All of a sudden, I heard an obnoxiously loud lady ordering flower delivery. Would have loved to shut her up on the spot with my cock, I can tell you that much! I had a great idea anyway: since this busty bitch had the audacity to mention her full address in my presence, why don’t I pay her a visit later in the day? When I showed up, my boner was ready to hose her down with pent-up semen, but there was a “but” - her husband. He got laid off from work that day. What a predicament! Everybody knows that everyone has a price and I’m willing to really shell out for his wife’s pussy. “Hey, hubby, here’s your collar – be a good boy while I fuck your wife. Heel!"
Let's Pretend We're Casting
Karlovo Namesti. Praha.
My friends often tell me that I always use sucker punches and lies to add to my collection of fuckable couples. Well, I recommend taking a closer look at my video archive. I never deceive my girls and always explain to their boyfriends as honestly as possible what is exactly in store for them. What's more, I often literally offer the girls to fuck. There's even morer than that! Sometimes I do nothing at all to make the boyfriends embarrass themselves in front of my camera...
Loo Lust and Bowl Job
Suchdol. Prague.
My favorite thing to do is meet unsatisfied couples. I like nothing better than meeting a juicy pussy and a walking head for new horns. But he who doesn't try new things gets old. Old age is not for me. Especially since this time I clearly smelled the sharp odor of loneliness, from which it is urgent to save. The girl was begging for help. So I ave her my hand. And then she gave her hand to me. And then she gave me her head... In general, the moral of this story is simple: even in the public restroom, you can have a reat time together if you know about people.
I’ll fuck your hot wife for bitcoin
Prague. Shopping Center.
I noticed this couple in the mall. The guy was busy fiddling with an ATM, trying to complete some transaction. It was obvious to me that he wasn't successful in that regard, but his girlfriend did try to encourage him. The girl in question was a centerfold-worthy stunner with long legs, delicate firm breasts, and beautiful eyes. I came up with a great plan that starts with striking up a conversation. As it turns out, those two geniuses decided to make some money by jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. Without thinking long, I offered them to buy some BTC off of me for a great price. What happened next? Well, suffice to say, I got really lucky... I got to fuck this hottie in my office, on my desk! I stared into her beautiful eyes as she blew me. I explored her wet pussy while her husband just stood there in silence. It’s not like he can stop me anyway, I paid them in BTC after all.
Return of Fatal Mistake
Letna. Prague.
If you want to become a rich stockbroker, you have to be prepared to lose everything. From the moment you hand over your money, you have to say goodbye to it as if you didn't have it at all. Risk is everything. If you don't take risks, you don't live. Same thing happens with chicks, by the way. Want some juicy pussy? Take a risk. Sometimes it's just fun. And sometimes they come back with big bellies and alimony demands. Well, I'm not greedy. But whoever asks me for something should always be ready to give something back…
Don't Just Wimp Away
Hüvösvölgy. Budapest.
Quarrels and disagreements are usually the fault of both partners, unless of course we are talking about a toxic relationship in which one of the partners has a need for constant humiliation. I know such people at a glance and, let's face it, I use them. I met this illegal immigrant couple by chance, but I couldn't let go. And as soon as she showed me her ass, I knew what would happen next, no matter what her boyfriend said...
She had a vacation on my dick
Prague. Republic Square.
It was a hot summer day and a sexy girl in tiny shorts caught my attention. She was standing with her boyfriend close to the travel agency. I started a casual conversation and found out that this cutie never saw the sea. How can I stay away? I had a lot of money, like usual, so I had only one problem - will her boyfriend let me have sex with his woman or not for tickets to the sea? Surprisingly she was faster and was totally agree - oh, I like such type of girls! She knew how to get everything from her life! When we came to my place girl started to flirt with me - oh yeah! My money worth it! She definitely cheated on him before - I saw it in her professional moves and in way how she sucked my big cock...
Like it when someone else is fucking your wife? Then watch it and wank!
Prague, Center
I woke up this morning with a wild desire to fuck. My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t make it feel at ease. An image of my ex-GF, that sweetie with chic hips and puffy lips, surfaced in my mind. I wanted sex like I’ve never had in my life before. But there was a problem - we didn’t communicate with her for a long time, and I lost her phone number. “Hey man, that won’t work!“ I said to myself, “we've gotta do something, find that babe and fuck her.” I bought flowers which I knew would make her pussy go wet as it always did in the past, and headed to her place. She opened the door for me, and she looked even better than before. But then the truth striked me - she was married! Incredible... when did she managed to marry this hunk? I didn’t know what to do. I stood there and wanted her. My cock lusted for her mouth; and her husband looked at me, scrutinizing. You think that was it? Or that they kicked me out? No! I was so shocked when her husband suggested me to fuck her so that he could watch. I can not describe it with words, that was a bang I must say... I shoved my dick in all her holes, and her hubby was jerking off with pleasure. Oh boy, you should watch this right now.
Hairy Pother and the Chamber of Kinks
Bucharest. Center.
Sometimes what seems like a nuisance can turn out to be a delightful twist of fate if you keep an open mind. Take, for instance, two noisy neighbor girls who, rather than engage me in an obviously losing battle, decided to embrace our shared love of juicy pussy and turn their home into a real orgasmatorium. Seizing the opportunity to unite through passion, we drowned out the noise with very different sounds. After all, it's not the decibels that matter, but the delightful trio of friendship, sincerity and lust heard even through the walls. Long story short, if life gives you noisy neighbors, make a band and noise together!
Magnetic Love Attraction
Karlovy Vary. Czechia.
I was walking around town and overheard a conversation between two college-aged dudes. In short, a rabbit costs $8.78. The rabbit eats hay at 1.5 cents per pound. After eating two pounds of hay, the rabbit produces one pound of manure. And rabbit manure costs - mind you! - 50 cents a pound! One haystack and one rabbit yields a profit of 300 dollars. If you buy a herd of rabbits, you'll have a secure old age, the lads reasoned. What's my point? The city is full of people who want to get rich. Like that girl with the beautiful smile and the nipples sticking out through her clothes. My pockets are full of money. So why don't we spend some time together before I find another option?
Ferrucio and the Porra Paradox
Smichov. Prague.
My friends ask me why I need this damn car. It's expensive, but it's outdated. It likes perfectly smooth roads, but it's parked in my country house. No one likes it but me. But who am I joking, I don't like it either! But what I do know is that it's the kind of car that girls like that I like. A girl like that sits next to me and her boyfriend has to eat dust from under my wheels for two hundred miles. Oh, that magical vibration of 612 horses under the hood!
Semen is the Best Antihistamine
Prague. Stodůlky.
Interesting fact: real Czech ice cream has been made since ancient times according to the molds of Italian confectioners. If you want to taste the best Italian ice cream in the world, look for it in small Prague cafes. But keep in mind: all the constituents of ice cream here are so fresh and natural that they can sometimes cause allergies in people who are sensitive to some of the ingredients. For example, instead of a pleasant conversation about her favorite treat, the heroine of this story had an epic fuck in front of her boyfriend...
Sex adventures in private swimming pool
Hotel Aurio swimming pool
I had vacation in my own small spa center and I was chilling out close to the swimming pool. I wasn't alone, but I had nothing against it, with me was couple of beautiful people. I was enjoying their love and youth, but I was jealous a little bit, since the girl was unbelievably beautiful. Simply perfect in her tiny swimming suit! Well... I had nothing to lose, probably we will never see each other again, so I was straight - I showed my money and said what I want. Success! I can have her! My dick was hard already and the girl started to work on it. Yeah, lick it! I've paid for that! Let me enjoy your ass, girl! I have big plans on you!
Road Trip Adventure of Loser
Ruzyne. Prague.
These two tourists traveled nearly 6,000 miles, swam across a raging ocean, and crossed seven countries to lose everything and find themselves. How did they do it? Simple. Instead of tourist attractions, they met me. And as you know, I'm always willing to help. But not in the same way that, say, those who give alms. I'm the kind of guy who rips off a Band-Aid with a swipe. I'm the kind of person who gives the rod, not the fish. Anyway, I've turned their entire mindset upside down, and now they're happier than ever. Especially that hot girl with the tight pussy...